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This tool portal is developed by Blonk Sustainability Tools.

Blonk Sustainability Tools is the tool development department of Blonk Consultants. We offer smart software solutions for sustainability experts in the agri-food sector.  

Our enthusiastic team of developers is continuously working on tools to evaluate the environmental impact of agri-food systems. These tools include dedicated, tailor-made and ready-to-use solutions. At the core of all our tools are standardised and international calculation rules and consistent background data and benchmarks – all based on many years’ experience in the field. Our tools give reliable and consistent results and ensure compliance with the latest international requirements. Moreover, we make sure the outcomes are reproducible and transparent.

Meet the developers

Our team of specialists. 

Bart Durlinger - Product development manager at Blonk Sustainability Tools
Email: bart@blonkconsultants.nl

Pieter van de Vijver - Senior developer at Blonk Sustainability Tools
Email: pieter@blonkconsultants.nl

Riki Hissink - Developer at Blonk Sustainability Tools
Email: riki@blonkconsultants.nl

Damian Smits - Developer at Blonk Sustainability Tools
Email: damian@blonkconsultants.nl


Customised tools 

Did you know we also offer the possibility to develop tailor-made tools for you and your colleagues? Tools, which are customised to your specific needs and sustainability issues relevant to your organisation. Get in touch with us to discuss the opportunities. 


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Blonk Sustainability Tools
Groen van Prinsterersingel 45
2805 TD Gouda - the Netherlands
+ 31 (0)182 579970
Chamber of Commerce: KvK 59850868 

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