Grasp the full picture of healthy and sustainable nutrition

Optimeal is a software package for optimization of diets on health and sustainability. It allows investigation of a multitude of options, identifies new opportunities and helps to elevate the level of discussions. Optimeal will support you with strategic thinking on healthy and sustainable nutrition and the role of specific food products therein.

We've developed a demo version of Optimeal to help you understand how Optimeal works. You will be able to discover the possibilities of the tool and how it can benefit your organisation and work.

More information about Optimeal | Download demo guidance 

Demo: Healthy & sustainable lunch
In the Optimeal demo a simple lunch is taken as a reference diet. The composition and constraints for the lunch are hypothetical to help you understand how Optimeal works. Nutritional constraints for a healthy lunch have been set, as well as nutritional and environmental properties for the ingredients of the lunch and possible alternative products to add to the lunch.